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My fucking face


I’m tryna be your dad: a tale told in two parts

The struggle becomes real the moment you have to pay your own damn electric bill

i want a supreme hat but i want it to say samurai instead

somewhere in the world a white girl is sitting in her room wishing she could use the n word without having to use the justification “its ok i have black friends”

aight nerds im out

How are mirrors real if our eyes dont exist?



porn blogs are so abashidly and shamelessly publicly creepy and that makes me feel

i’m going to only listen to hair metal from now on

honestly i find tumblr so incredibly boring but its a great way to kill time and make me feel terrible about myself for killing time and not being productive or having a normal sleep schedule

cheap japanese beer tastes better than cheap american beer. mexican too. pretty much any other country makes a better cheap beer than america.

kirin ichiban

who the fuck

Sleeping problems? Just chug a 20 oz of beer at 4:30 in the morning to go to sleep ya turkey.

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Come inside to secret dog HQ


Come inside to secret dog HQ

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